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May 6, 2021 | Virtual Event

Unlocking Prosperity While Caring for the Earth 

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World Class Speakers 

Cumulative Effects Solutions

Cumulative Effects (CFX) defined as the outcomes of the interactions of the environment, people and the economies they create over meaningful time and space.

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Interconnection | Innovation | Ideas

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Maybe more than ever in our lives, COVID 19 has made us intimately aware of the cumulative effects of living in an interconnected world.  We have been reminded of how powerful the cumulative effect of widespread collective action can be to combat a common enemy. 

We have also been painfully reminded of the negative consequences of acting without regard for this interconnectedness. 

CFX 2021 puts you in the virtual room sharing a uniquely global perspective on the interconnections of people, our environment, geopolitics, and the economies we create.  



Demanding situations motivate us to respond to change and innovation is often where we find a path forward.  We live in a world of constant change and emerging threats .Our survival has always depended on our ability to adapt, find new solutions and work-arounds, to research, to refine our processes and revamp our mindset. 

CFX 2021 creates an opportunity for each of us to take a deeper look and see things from different perspectives than our own.  Invariably this leads to a better understanding of what’s happening, how all the parts of the system are connected, and stimulates our creative energies to innovate.



So often great ideas pop out of conversations about challenges or opportunities and one of us recognizes a new path to solving it or capturing it. So it’s crucial to have spaces like the CFX Cumulative Effects Conference Series where challenges can be discussed openly and without fear so new ideas can emerge. 

When we create new solutions together this always strengthens our collective resolve to work together for a common benefit and the ability to achieve something far greater than we could have on our own..


Confirmed Speakers

Barry J Wilson 

Systems Ecologist
CE Analytic

Dr. Jill Blakley

Associate Professor
U of S

Dr. Leroy Little Bear

Senior Advisor to President, Aboriginal Initiatives

Ryan Hum

VP Canada Energy Regulator

Mark Cliffe-Phillips  

MV Review Board

Dr. Ryan MacDonald

MacHydro Hydrologist

Kenthen Thomas


Alexander Reimers


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Preliminary Agenda


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